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"Art and Revolution"

Lara Biladi, cofounder and organizer of Tahrir Cinema

"Oman, Zanzibar, and the Politics of Becoming Arab"

Mandana Limbert, Associate Professor, Anthropology, CUNY New York

"From Gardens of Knowledge to Ezbekiyya after Midnight: From Beirut to Cairo, 1870-1896"

Elizabeth Holt, Assistant Professor of Arabic, Middle Eastern Studies, Bard College

"On Reading: The Socialization of Liberal Muslims in Indonesia"

Nur Amali Ibrahim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, Harvard University

"Forgeries, Sacred History, and Religious Minorities in Early Modern Spain: The Secret Story of Miguel de Luna"

Mercedes García-Arenal, Research Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, CCHS-CSIC (Madrid, Spain)

"Piety as Blasphemy: Indonesia’s Shi’a Minority"

Chiara Formichi, Assistant Professor, Asian and International Studies, University of Hong Kong

"Identity, Land, and Conflict: The Ottoman State and the Kurdish Emirates in the Mid-Nineteenth Century"

Nilay Ozok-Gundogan, Assistant Professor, History, Denison University

"The Damascus-Medina Telegraph Line and the Ottoman-Bedouin Relations Along the Ottoman Arabian Frontiers"

Mostafa Minawi, Assistant Professor, History and Near Eastern Studies, Cornell Unversity

"Modernity and the Transformation of Islamic Criminal Law"

Kent Schull, Associate Professor, History, SUNY Binghamton 

"Ontology, Subjectivity, and Sovereignty in Islamic Southeast Asia"

Tom Gibson, Professor, Anthropology, University of Rochester

"Reading the Tastes of the Ottoman Elite in the Nineteenth Century"

Mehmet Darakcioglu, Associate Director, Middle East Center, University of Pennsylvania

"Diversity at Display: Debating the ‘Nation,’ Neo-Ottomanism, and Museumization of ‘Culture’ in Contemporary Turkey"

Asli Igsiz, Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University

"Islam Between Race and Language: East Africa’s Experience"

Ali Mazrui, Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities, Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, SUNY Binghamton