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"Savoring Karbala: Sensory Aesthetics in Muharram Material and Ritual Practice in Hyderabad"

Karen Ruffle, Associate Professor, Historical Studies and Study of Religion, University of Toronto

"Resisting 'Mosque Culture:' The Continuity of Alevi Places of Worship in Anatolia"

Angela Andersen, Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, MIT

"The Rights of Muslims: Islam in the French Revolution of 1789"

Ian Coller, Associate Professor of History, UC Irvine

"Porto-Novo to Paris: Rethinking Islam under France’s African Colonial Empire"

Lorelle Semley, Assistant Professor of History, College of the Holy Cross

Rare Islamic Books in the Olin Library Collection

Ali Houissa, Curator, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Cornell University

"The Sultanate of Sulu in the Late Eighteenth Century"

Megan Thomas, Associate Professor of Politics, UC Santa Cruz

"'The Devil’s Lair': Najm al-Dīn al-Ghazzī’s (D. 1651) Fatwa on Coffeehouse"

Youshaa Patel, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Lafayette College